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EasyCHIT is the first ever product to have introduced
ONLINE AUCTIONS in Chit fund industry.

Welcome to Easy Chit, the pioneering chit-fund software from Kapil IT. As the makers of Easy Chit, we at Kapil IT realize the challenges faced in the effective management of chit funds. Our understanding of those challenges has inspired us to build a far-reaching chit-fund software that simplifies your chit-fund business operations and sets a benchmark in terms of transparency and regulatory compliance.

Easy Chit is tailored to fulfill chit-fund companies’ diverse operational requirements and provide a hassle-free business experience to them and their subscribers. Help your subscribers achieve their life goals with rewarding chit-fund schemes, make their lives easy with online auctions and collections, and introduce efficiency with faster fund clearances. Easy Chit is more than just a chit-fund management software. Built with decades of man years’ experience, it also serves your chit-fund company as an ERP software that streamlines its day-to-day business operations.

Take your chit-fund business to the next level with the power of Easy Chit and enjoy exceptional member satisfaction and loyalty along with excellent financial performance.

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We have put our entire chit fund operating business experience since 1981 into EasyCHIT
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Designed and built with over 3 decades of chit fund industry experience
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