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Frequently asked questions?

All the functionalities of the application has been designed as per the Chit Fund Act 1982.
No, EasyCHIT supports to registered companies organised by chit fund firms/companies and regulated by chit fund act.
No need to enter the data again. You can migrate the old data to new system with help of DB experts.
Yes. We have secured database with automatic backup’s feasibility.
Yes we will provide training according to your requirements and we will also provide continuous call support.
Yes, EasyCHIT comes with Built-in Financial Accounting Module. No need to support of the other accounting module
Yes, you can configure the chit value and groups
EasyCHIT has the 7 modules that incorporate with transactional screens and reports
Yes, you can configure the auction schedules as per the business policy
EasyCHIT has the mode payments of Cash, Cheque and NEFT are accepted mode of payments.
The group vary from 50 thousand to 50 lakhs as per the business policy
Yes, EasyCHIT have the other branch payment option. Subscriber can make the payment at any branch.
Yes, EasyCHIT have the multiple lien options for prized chit/s.
EasyCHIT has the separate module for removal remainders and notices to subscriber and guarantor on default.

Yes, you can configure the penalties for prized and non-prized subscribers.

Yes, you can send SMS to subscriber on any activity performed on chit operations supposed to have SMS gateway.
Yes, you can handle the agent payments based on the business generated.
Yes. You can see the all branches financial health condition at one glance.
Yes you can. You can assign the permissions to users as per their roles.
Yes, you can see through the report of Enrolls and Removals.