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EasyChit the comprehensive integrated solution

EasyCHIT is designed by the leading chit fund business of India
EasyCHIT is being continuously updated with new tech and real world operations work flow of over 300+ branches so your business can leverage all our learnings and experiences to grow your chit fund business efficiently.

Business benefits

Start improving your chit fund business bottom line

Start new branches quickly

Expanding your chit business to new locations with EasyCHIT is just few key strokes and clicks away. Growing with EasyCHIT has never been this easy.

Manage multiple locations

We know the hurdles of managing multiple locations, say goodbye to issues and let EasyCHIT handle every aspect of multiple branches and locations from a single seamless platform.

End to end management

EasyCHIT comes with a complete suit of tools as a single platform for all your chit fund business needs right from staff management, clients, payroll, HR, accounting, reporting, taxation, chit management and more.

Safe & secure

All your data is completely safe and secure with EasyCHIT from prying eyes and theft with the latest technology and security layer that completely protects your chit business. You control your data.

Great ROI

Factor all the advantages EasyCHIT provides to improve your chit fund business and finance at every step to keep your business highly profitable and safe.

Friendly support

EasyCHIT come with a hassle-free friendly support with an eagerness to help you sort out things and make your operations run glitch free.

Remove paper work

EasyCHIT is paper free and a complete digital platform designed to replace manual ledgers and keep human error at bay.

Easy customization

EasyCHIT is reliable and same time a flexible horse that can be easily customized to your unique chit fund business needs.

EasyCHIT the complete chit fund management

Integrated modules for entire operations

Time tested and proven

More reasons to choose EasyCHIT
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EasyCHIT business critical reports

Broad and deep financial data reports for analysis
  • Group Formation
  • PSO Information
  • FDR’S Information
  • Commencement
  • Subscriber defining with all details
  • Receipt Voucher Generation (Cash/Chq/DD/B.P.Adj/Transfer/O.B.C. Etc…)
  • Subscriber Ledger/ Account Copy (Partial/Full)
  • Subscriber Search Report (Including Self Chits)
  • Intimation Cards Generation (Plain/Pre-Printed)
  • Subscribers Address/ Labels List
  • Removal Notices
  • Removal Letters
  • Ps Intimation
  • Prized Subscriber Reminder
  • Specimen – 1, Specimen – 2, Specimen – 3
  • Guarantors Notices
  • Branch Target
  • Penalty Target
  • Incharge Dues List
  • Vacant Sales
  • Removals (agent wise) statement
  • Removals / Transfers / Re-auction
  • Statements
  • Group Collection
  • Dues List
  • Area wise Dues List
  • Vacant Abstract
  • Incharge Collection
  • Defaulting Statement
  • Agent wise Dues List
  • Fresh Enrolls
  • Cheque Return
  • Statement
  • Stock on Hand
  • Running Book Verifications
  • TR Delay Report
  • Book ID wise verification Report
  • Completed Book List
  • TR Missing Report
  • Agent Wise Enrolment Business Report
  • Agent Wise Commission Bill Report
  • Agent Commission Advance Statement
  • Agent Ledger
  • Agent Commission Voucher Generation
  • TDS On Agent Commission Auto Deduct
  • Agent Wise Dues List
  • Auction Schedule
  • Prized Subscribers List
  • Group Wise Auction History
  • Bid Paid Register
  • Bid payable Outstanding Register
  • Bid Transfers
  • Guarantor’s Information (Employment, Business, Property)
  • Chit Liens Information
  • LIC Liens Information
  • Guarantor Search Report (Including Self Chits)
  • Group Wise Surety Details
  • Guarantor’s Address/Labels List
  • Cash Book
  • Account Ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement (B.R.S.)
  • Receipts & Payments Statement
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Bank Book
  • Ledger Account
  • Day Book
  • Interest Calculations
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Employe Information
  • Employe Advances
  • Employe Recoveries
  • Employe Allowances
  • Employe Attendence
  • Employe Bank Accounts
  • Employe Payslip
  • Salary Statements
  • Area Wise Service Center
  • Service Center Wise Dues List
  • Service Center Wise Collection
  • Service Center Wise Groups
  • Service Center Wise Target
  • Service Center Wise Defaulting
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EasyCHIT collection terminal add-on

Temporary Receipts Issuing Machine (TRIM) EasyCHIT collection terminal printer has been exclusively designed for cheque and cash collection activities.

More add-Ons

Mobile app for customers and collection agents
Passbook printing module
Chit agreements
SMS and Email notifications
Portal integrations for ePayments

Companies relying on EasyCHIT

Over 8000 crores chit business running on EasyCHIT

See what customers are saying

Change the way your business operates and expand quickly
Dhana Lakshmi Srinivasan chit funds

I have never been disappointed with the Easy Chit team. I am associated with the company for 25 years now. Whenever I needed any financial help or needed to execute the biggest order, I could do it because of chit fund schemes at Easy Chit.

Dhanalakshmi Chit Funds, Tamil Nadu
Rao Brothers Chit Fund

Working with the Easy chit team was reassuring. They were instrumental in helping us navigate our way through our different chit fund requirements and I found their expertise fund management to be of great value.

Rao Brothers Chit Fund Ltd, Telangana
Kanaka durga chit funds

Kapil IT will always go the extra mile for their clients. Their professionalism, industry knowledge and connections make it a pleasure to work with.

Kanaka Durga Chit Fund Ltd, Telangana
Sri Sai Anjana Chit Funds

I am grateful to Easy Chit team, because of which I have been able to increase my business to this level. All the transactions are legal and cheque driven. I hope that with the help of Easy Chit software, all the manufacturers are able to double their business.

Sri Sai Anjanna Chit Funds, Andhra Pradesh

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